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who we are

We take pride in providing Deer Management and pest control solutions for a variety of clients, including farmers, landowners, country estates, woodland owners, sports grounds, and golf courses.

Understand the demands of your busy schedule and work seamlessly with you and your managers to minimise disruption to your operations.

We are highly experienced and use advanced technologies such as thermal imaging and night vision, which we find very beneficial when dealing with any lawful quarry or pest control.

Only work under your direct instructions and as we spend various hours on sites either days or nights, we always report back to you if notice any suspicious activities and communicate with you and Country Watch Police Officers if needed.

Poaching, hare coursing and equipment theft were among the issues raised by the Country Land and Business Association and National Farmers’ Union.

Operating year-round to ensure your peace of mind.
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Proud to assist when required

Practice and Qualifications

Our Practice:

We believe in protecting animals, wildlife, and ecosystems – they are vital for a healthy planet. However, responsible management of wildlife populations, especially for farming and disease control, can be more beneficial than culling without a plan.

For example, deer in the UK lack natural predators, making professional management plans essential for deer population control. Similarly, controlling fox populations during lambing season may be necessary if lamb security is inadequate. Additionally, managing rabbit populations can protect crops like cereals, winter wheat, barley, and oats, which are particularly vulnerable to rabbit damage.

Our primary method for assisting with wildlife, pest, and vermin control is through the use of firearms and airguns for efficient and discreet wildlife control. However, we also utilise cages and traps in specific situations.

Our team consists of highly experienced and qualified Deer Managers and vermin and pest controllers who are fully insured and carry out various wildlife management services throughout the UK.

We offer professional services in Deer Management and Fox, Rabbit, Rat and Grey squirrel control.
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Our Qualifications:

– MoD/NRA Safe Shooter
– DSC1 (Deer Stalking Certificate1)
– DSC2 (Deer Stalking Certificate2)
– RCO   (Range Conducting Officer)
– RSO   (Range Safety Officer)
– NRA Club Instructor
– Large Game Meat Hygiene and Handling
– BASC Member (British Association for Shooting and Conservation)
NRA Member   (National Rifle Association)
Country Cover Club Member


**For farms, estates, and woodland owners interested in selling deer stalking rights, we can assist you in finding buyers or manage the process entirely on your behalf.