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who we are

We are proud to provide Deer Management and  pest related solutions.

We would be glad to assist you whether you are Farmer, Landlord, Country Estate or Woodland owner or even managing Sports grounds or Golf courses.

We always work closely with you and your managers to accommodate busy days in your schedules to avoid any disturbance.


We only work under your direct instructions and as we spend various hours on sites either days or nights, we always report back to you if notice any suspicious activities and communicate with you and Country Watch Police Officers if needed. Poaching, hare coursing and equipment theft were among issues raised by Country Land and Business Association and National Farmers’ Union.
We use new technologies such as thermal imaging and night vision, which we find very beneficial when dealing with any lawful quarry.
We do operate all year round.

Proud to assist when required


We believe it is very important to protect animals and wildlife and the ecosystems as much as possible as they are a very important part of the life of all humans.

But mostly correct management of animals become necessary and more beneficial rather than just culling them without having a plan.
This is usually the case when farming and livestock involved or in some cases to prevent diseases and infections.

For example, as Deer in the UK have no natural predators, a professional management plan is now becoming a necessity for deer control. 
Or controlling foxes during lambing season if there is not enough security provided for new born lambs or consequence of rabbits damages to cereals, winter wheat, barley and oats which are to be most vulnerable.
The main method we use to assist you to manage and control wildlife/pest/vermin is using firearms and airguns, although we use cages and traps on rare occasions.

We do find this method most suitable for most rural areas in which we operate as causes less suffering towards animals and is more humane.
We are highly experienced qualified deer stalkers/shooters, fully insured and carry all sorts of management throughout the UK.
We offer a professional Deer Management plan, Fox control, Rabbit, Rats and Grey Squirrel Control.

Our team can provide all Farmers, Country Estates, Landowners and Woodland owners with accurate population studies and deer counts if required, from which a professional plan can be agreed.
We are fully insured and hold qualifications such as:
– DSC1   
– DSC2       
– RSO      
– Club Instructor

** Farms/ Estates/ Woodland owners who wish to benefit from selling Deer Stalking rights, we would be glad to assist or manage this on your behalf.