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fallow buck in wooodland

Deer Management

We use deer management plans and culling plans to help you regulate the population of deer in the area. The purpose of deer management is to regulate the population's size, reduce negative effects of population on the ecosystem, and maintain the integrity of other populations. It is equally important to prevent deer from causing unacceptable damage to crops and trees and to protect other creatures sharing their habitat from the results of overgrazing.

A fox looking at you in the middle of the farm

Fox Control

Fox control like any other animal control requires considerations. Cost of fox predation of chickens, geese and turkeys and newborn lambs and overall impact of foxes on poultry and livestock is estimated at about £10–12m. In Wiltshire, most farmers did not consider the fox to be a pest at all, and rabbits are their worst pest, so they might benefit from foxes. But again in a survey of Welsh farmers carried out in 2013, 96 per cent said that foxes predation on lambs had an impact on their income.

A rabbit sitting

Rabbit Control

It is estimated that farmers are losing about £50 million per annum as a consequence of rabbit damage to cereals. In terms of annual yield, a loss of 1% per rabbit per hectare (2.5 acres) has been recorded for winter wheat and 0.33% per rabbit per hectare for spring barley. The most effective time for control is from November to March, although earlier action may be needed on autumn cereals showing signs of heavy grazing.

squirrel on tree baranch

Squirrels Control

Grey squirrels Sciurus carolinensis are invasive pests, not native to the UK. Introduced to the UK from North America in the 1870’s, and continued until the 1930’s, when the damage they can cause was finally acknowledged and it became illegal to release grey squirrels into the wild. The modern sub 12ft.lbs airgun is an ideal tool for the humane removal of pest species like the grey squirrel.

A rat

Rats Control

Rats breed all year long so farms can be quickly overrun. Whilst the farmer will have measures in place – usually, poison – an air gunner can be a useful addition to the rat control campaign. Autumn is a time when rat populations can start taking hold on a farm as food supplies dry up in the field and cold and wet weather sets in. Air rifles can be put to good use controlling rats around farms, outbuildings, fields, hedges, hen houses and gardens. We use air rifle suited for killing rats. With sensible use of backstops — most often concrete walls in a farmyard scenario — an airgun for rat control can be safely and effectively used.

Lavander farm

Other Pests

We might be able to help you with Brown rats, Stoat, Weasel, Mink, Feral cat, Mice (excluding common or hazel dormouse), in some exceptional circumstances.